Twenty Two Fantastical Facts about Dolphins – our latest book!

We are pleased to announce the publication of our new book, Twenty Two Fantastical Facts about Dolphins! You can purchase a copy of the book for just $9.99 ($3.99 on Kindle) at this link.

Book info:

Did you know that dolphins don’t drink water, don’t chew their food, and don’t sleep? Despite being one of the world’s best loved and most studied animals, dolphins continue to surprise us with their impressive skills, strange behavior, and bizarre abilities. Dolphin researcher Justin Gregg highlights the most eyebrow-raising findings from the world of dolphin science in his latest book: Twenty-Two Fantastical Facts about Dolphins.

“This book is a lovingly curated collection of weird, unexpected, and remarkable bits of dolphin trivia,” said Gregg, “the kind of factoids I regularly break out at parties to get people talking about the zany world of dolphin science.” Showcasing some of the less well-known dolphin traits like their ability to call each other by name, sense magnetic fields, or their immunity to drowning, this book aims to impress even the most knowledgeable dolphin aficionado or trivia buff. Gregg has travelled the world studying dolphins in the wild, and supplements the scientific information in the book with his own (often humorous) take on dolphin behavior. Aimed at an audience ages 12 and over, 22 Fantastical Facts about Dolphins translates the latest scientific findings into fun and witty prose that will delight dolphin lovers everywhere.