Twenty Two Fantastical Facts about Dolphins

Twenty-Two Fantastical Facts about DolphinsDolphin researcher Justin Gregg dives deep into the scientific  wonders of one the world’s most-loved animals to bring you this  collection of fascinating dolphin trivia. Twenty-Two Fantastical  Facts about Dolphins will delight dolphin aficionados with eyebrow-raising tales, covering topics like: Dolphins use tools, Dolphins don’t sleep, Dolphins eat each other, Dolphins fight in human wars, Dolphins have ears in their jaws, Dolphins call each other by name.


Science/trivia for ages 12+





Table of Contents

Strange Behavior
Dolphins don’t drink water
Dolphins don’t chew their food
Dolphins don’t sleep
Dolphins almost never drown
Dolphins beach, and nobody knows why

Impressive Skills
Dolphins have super crazy healing powers
Dolphins use tools
Dolphins carry weapons
Dolphins fight in human wars
Dolphins sense magnetic fields
Dolphins can see your bones
Dolphins can hear each other’s thoughts

Bizarre Anatomy
Dolphins have ears in their jaws
Dolphins sometimes have backward dorsal fins
Dolphins communicate with their nostrils
Dolphins are covered in scars
Dolphins are hard to count

Messy Relationships
Dolphins kill their own calves
Dolphins often die young
Dolphins never leave their friend’s side
Dolphins eat each other
Dolphins call each other by name

Press Release

New book of dolphin science trivia for young adults

Stuff you didn’t know you didn’t know about dolphins

Antigonish, Nova Scotia, November 30, 2015 – Did you know that dolphins don’t drink water, don’t chew their food, and don’t sleep? Despite being one of the world’s best loved and most studied animals, dolphins continue to surprise us with their impressive skills, strange behavior, and bizarre abilities. Dolphin researcher Justin Gregg highlights the most eyebrow-raising findings from the world of dolphin science in his latest book: Twenty-Two Fantastical Facts about Dolphins.

“This book is a lovingly curated collection of weird, unexpected, and remarkable bits of dolphin trivia,” said Gregg, “the kind of factoids I regularly break out at parties to get people talking about the zany world of dolphin science.” Showcasing some of the less well-known dolphin traits like their ability to call each other by name, sense magnetic fields, or their immunity to drowning, this book aims to impress even the most knowledgeable dolphin aficionado or trivia buff. Gregg has travelled the world studying dolphins in the wild, and supplements the scientific information in the book with his own (often humorous) take on dolphin behavior. Aimed at an audience ages 12 and over, 22 Fantastical Facts about Dolphins translates the latest scientific findings into fun and witty prose that will delight dolphin lovers everywhere.

Outside the Lines Press is a family run independent publisher based in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. “Throughout the publication of this book, I have relied on local editors and designers,” said Gregg. “Nova Scotia is chalk full of amazing artists and writers, and I am proud to show that a small indie press based in a tiny rural town can create world-class books using only local talent.”

22 Fantastical Facts about Dolphins retails for $9.99 US and can be purchased from Amazon, or other online retailers. For more information visit For questions for Justin, please contact Follow Justin on Twitter @justindgregg and Outside the Lines Press @OTLPress

Justin Gregg

About the author

Justin Gregg, PhD, is a Senior Research Associate with the Dolphin Communication Project, and Adjunct Professor at St. Francis Xavier University. He is the author of Are Dolphins Really Smart?, published by Oxford University Press. He has spent many years studying dolphins around the world and currently lives happily with his family among the wildlife in rural Nova Scotia.