Pun, Pun Rudolph

One morning, Jeremy Holmes’ six year old daughter told him that a reindeer with two butts was called “poo-dolph.” Jeremy laughed. His daughter laughed. Jeremy drew a picture of a two-butted reindeer. Everyone laughed. The punpunrudolphcoversmallreindeer puns and silly drawings continued throughout the day, and deep into the night. The result? A huge stack of illustrated puns that Jeremy’s daughters could color. And now, so can you! Filled with hilarious drawings as well as witty pop-culture references, this coloring book will delight kids and adults in equal measure.

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“This coloring book features the world’s finest collection of illustrated reindeer-based puns!”
-Jim Brankowski, President of the Reindeer Illustrator’s Guild of Canada

“Deeear lor… What am I looking at?”
-Gerard Chisholm, Jeremy’s neighbor

“Please make it stop.”
-Jeremy’s wife

About Jeremy Holmes (and The Little Ditties)

The Little Ditties are an ECMA-winning kids’ group who make music for everyone. They write for kids, to kids, and as kids – and the older folks might enjoy a tune or two, too! The Little Ditties wander all over the musical map; from stomp-along pop-rock songs like “My Dinosaur” to barnyard jig-jumpin’ knee-slappers like “The Cow Goes Moo”. Songs like “Oh Baby” and “Carry You Home” are for the children in our lives who have changed us forever. The Little Ditties are all about sharing music, caring, and creativity with everyone who can listen.40f84c_6eda221baca34ac28f22f5f3057c3d18

The Little Ditties are fronted by father and entertainer Jeremy Holmes (vocals, guitar), with live appearances by puppet band members Kevin the Kitten and Delly Ditty, The Little Ditties bring fun, family-friendly original music and performances to children of all ages. Jeremy was a full time carpenter – until his two daughters came into the world. He started writing songs for them and hasn’t stopped. He has also worked to provide music therapy to young children. Additionally, he runs a non-profit musical instrument recycling organization with his wife Jenn (and their friends) called RockTumbler.

The Little Ditties’ East Coast Music Award- winning debut, “The Little Ditties”, was co-produced, recorded and mixed by TimJim Baker (Matt Mays & El Torpedo, The Carletones), who also added keys and percussion. Extra help on guitars was provided by Adam Baldwin (Matt Mays). You’ll smile and clap along with songs like “The Cow Goes Moo”, “Honey on My Toast”, “A Hug”, and the preschool punk jam, “Attack of the Snacks” – and most likely have them stuck in your head for days. If you find yourself dancing in public, just tell everyone that you’re rocking out to The Little Ditties!

The Little Ditties have performed for children and everyone else at special events and festivals across their home province of Nova Scotia and Eastern Canada. They’d love to bring their exciting brand of childrens’ music and entertainment as far as there are kids to hear it!