Our Authors

Justin_HeadshotJustin Gregg

Justin Gregg, PhD, is a Senior Research Associate with  the  Dolphin  Communication  Project,  and Adjunct Professor at St. Francis Xavier University. He  is  the  author  of Twenty-Two Fantastical Facts about Dolphins, and Are  Dolphins  Really  Smart?, published  by  Oxford  University  Press.  He  has spent  many  years  studying  dolphins  around  the world and currently lives happily with his family among the wildlife in rural Nova Scotia. More info at justingregg.com


Annie Chau

Illustrator of Lawnteel at the Store, and Lawnteel at Home, Annie Chau illustrates posters and press materials for her work with community groups as an activist. She enjoys yoga and cooking, as well as the antics of her five nieces and nephews.



Angus MacCaull

Author of Lawnteel at the Store, and Lawnteel at Home, Angus MacCaull writes about everything from English muffins to the economy.  When he’s not writing, he’s most likely taking a walk or doing yoga. You can find  him online at angusmaccaull.com.




Jeremy Holmes

Jeremy Holmes is the author/illustrator of  Pun, Pun Rudolph, and is the founding member of the East Coast Music Award winning children’s group The Little Ditties.



Ella BopElla Bop

Ella Bop is a 30 something illustrator/author with a comic flair and a unique take on life as a modern mother. The adorable illustrations and irreverent wit packed into Ella’s coloring books for adults will leave you laughing out loud as you reach for your colored pencils. Ella is currently working on a number of titles for the Coloring Books for Adults series from Outside The Lines Press, including: A Coloring Book for Pregnant LadiesA Coloring Book for New Parents, and Married People. Ella lives in a cozy farmhouse snuggled in the green mountains of Vermont, where she spends her days illustrating and toddler-wrangling.


female-silhouetteDonna J. Roberts is the author of A is for Dog: The Post Truth Alphabet Book and The Post-Truth Picture Book. We could provide a lovely biography of Donna highlighting the many accomplishments and accolades she has collected throughout her amazing life. But would you believe it? You shouldn’t. After all, it’s 2017 – everything and nothing is true anymore…