Fancy Goat now available for pre-order

The big day is here! Fancy Goat is now available for pre-order through Kickstarter! Fancy Goat is a children’s picture book created by Jeremy Holmes and Justin Gregg (with watercolors by Ranke de Vries) slated for publication on September 1st. We’ve got a batch of limited edition hardcover books with dust jackets available through Kickstarter with lots of fun perks/rewards (e.g., signed copies, knitted goats). Spread the word! This goat is destined for fame!

More about Fancy Goat

Fancy Goat is a hilarious children’s picture book featuring beautiful hand-painted illustrations. The hapless protagonist is a run-of-the-mill goat who is constantly being transformed into a fashion icon by a little girl who thinks he’s waaaaay fancier than he actually is. She gives him a cravat, top hat, pearls, tutu – whatever she thinks the goat “wants” in order to live the extravagant lifestyle that seems to be driving her crazy.

Despite her protests, it’s obvious (to the reader) that the goat is not fancy at all. He’s just a blank canvas for her imagination.

Why do kids need Fancy Goat?

The little girl in Fancy Goat is able to dress up her goat in whatever outfit she can imagine. In her world, there is not pink and blue – just fanciness and fun. The adults in her life allow her to express her creative side without telling her that “goats don’t wear pearls”. They encourage her to be who she wants to be – a message that resonates with both children and adults.

Being free to explore your creative side – whether it’s fashion, art, or music – is vital to children’s intellectual development. As an advocate for children’s mental health, Fancy Goat author Jeremy Holmes has spent his career helping kids unlock their creativity, allowing them to find their voice in a world where the creative arts are becoming less and less valued. Fancy Goat is a story that reaffirms the value of letting kids be kids when it comes to creative expression, without imposing our adult biases and prejudices. More about this subject in the below video:

Fancy Goat will be published by Outside the Lines Press (OTL), a family owned indie press based out of the picturesque town of Antigonish, Nova Scotia. It will be be OTL’s first hardcover publication, and we’re planning to promote it far and wide. As it turns out, hardcover books are crazy expensive to produce, which is why we’re turning to Kickstarter to help raise funds to make more hardcover versions of the book available. The initial print run of Fancy Goat is just 1,000 copies. That makes it a limited edition first printing. We’ll be donating close to 100 books from our first printing to libraries across the province of Nova Scotia, so there are really only 900 up for grabs during this campaign and after the book is launched.

Each dollar raised during this campaign will help OTL secure a second print run of Fancy Goat. With your help, we can print enough hardcover copies of Fancy Goat to unleash this bow-tie-wearing quadraped upon the world!