Download free Kindle version of Post-Truth Picture Book

As part of our celebration of Inauguration Week, we are giving away free Kindle versions of The Post-Truth Picture Book this weekend. This giveaway starts on Saturday, January 14th and only last until through January 15. Download your copy today!

The Post-Truth Picture Book

CreateSpaceCover.inddIn this “baby’s first words” picture book designed for the post-truth era, your little one will get a head start on the skills needed to survive in a world where facts don’t matter. Is that really a picture of a cat? You decide! That’s the beauty of living in a post-truth society. As long as you believe it, your baby will too. With over thirty full color photographs accompanied by wildly inaccurate (or fully accurate – who’s to say?) vocabulary words, this book will help prepare your child for a world in which everything and nothing is true.

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