Lawnteel at the store

Lawnteel at the Store

LawnteelLawnteel must decide which toy to buy at the store. And soon! The shop is closing, and Mother is waiting. What to choose? A sword with a cherry red handle? A shield made of emerald and fur? Everyone is excited when Lawnteel chooses a paintbrush instead. Featuring peppy illustrations by Annie Chau, this charming book introduces young children to the idea of spending their money wisely. Written by Angus MacCaull. Illustrated by Annie Chau.

ISBN: 978-0994924025

Children’s picture book – ages 3 to 5



Praise for Lawnteel

“Who hasn’t been Lawnteel, mesmerized by all the shiny things in the store? I’ve never related more to the adventures of a lentil.”  –Dave Atkinson, author of Wereduck

“Lawnteel gets a humorous lesson in shopping, friendship and lentil-nomics!” –Robert Paul Weston, author of Zorgamazoo

About the Author and Illustrator

AngusAngus MacCaull

Author of Lawnteel at the Store, Angus MacCaull writes about everything from English muffins to the economy.  When he’s not writing, he’s most likely taking a walk or doing yoga. You can find  him online at






Annie Chau

Illustrator of Lawnteel at the Store, Annie Chau illustrates posters and press materials for her work with community groups as an activist. She enjoys yoga and cooking, as well as the antics of her five nieces and nephews.