Lawnteel at Home

Lawnteel at Home

415bumjnelLawnteel the lentil has been watching the clock all day. Boring! The town is empty, and Mother is busy. What to do? Bluuki the black bean is at the beach. Shick the chick pea is camping. When Lawnteel decides to go outside, who would have thought the answer to the summer blues would be right next door? Featuring a brand new character in the Lawnteel series, this book reminds us how sometimes all we need is an open heart. Written by Angus MacCaull. Illustrated by Annie Chau.

ISBN: 978-0994924049

Children’s picture book – ages 3 to 5


Praise for Lawnteel

“I love this gentle story with its unique characters, clean text and bright illustrations.” – Anne Louise MacDonlad, author of The Memory Stone

“We all need more pulses in our life. Lawnteel and friends do a great job intorducing kids to these amazing foods.” –Chef Michael Smith

About the Author and Illustrator

AngusAngus MacCaull

Author of Lawnteel at the Store, Angus MacCaull writes about everything from English muffins to the economy. When he’s not writing, he’s most likely taking a walk or doing yoga. You can find him online at


Annie Chau

Illustrator of Lawnteel at the Store, Annie Chau illustrates posters and press materials for her work with community groups as an activist. She enjoys yoga and cooking, as well as the antics of her five nieces and nephews.