A Coloring Book for Pregnant Ladies

A Coloring Book for Pregnant LadiesHey pregnant ladies! Looking for something fun to do between bouts of morning sickness or waiting for cervical effacement to kick in? Grab your crayons or colored pencils and let loose on this beautifully illustrated coloring book depicting the most precious and magical moments in a pregnant woman’s life: edema, pregnancy acne, strange people rubbing your belly, semi-hysterical husbands, delivery table “accidents,” forceps, birthing pools, and placentophagy. It’s time for creating while you’re busy gestating!


Amazon Reviews

“It would seem this book is specific to pregnant women, but those not pregnant can enjoy the comic intent of one of life’s milestones. Coloring is something many adults forget about, unless hanging with a toddler or small human. But, this book provides humor and entertainment! I’ve already shared it with friends – male and female, pregnant and not! Check it out to find your inner child!” Kathleen


“My friend I sent this too absolutely loved it! It’s very unique and it was relaxing for her to simply color during times when she couldn’t be very active.” Catherine L. Amos


“This caused much amusement for the pregnant mum and family and friends- A good xmas present for a pregnant woman.”L. A. Lake


“My 2 pregnant friends thought this great. A little different from the usual baby gifts but very amusing! I would definitely consider buying the other titles.” SJR


“Adorable and a perfect baby shower gift. The illustrator and writer have covered all the ups and downs of pregnancy and have done it in a very cute and funny book.” Karen E. Cohen


“This is an awesome coloring book that any expecting man or woman would be more than overjoyed to receive. Had me laughing all the way through which is something that you really need during the long 40+ weeks of a pregnancy. Give this as a gift to a friend or family member and you won’t regret it. Good stuff, highly recommended.” Gejo


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